Editors of The Cricketer: David Frith

Frith was asked to be editor by his 'father substitute' John Arlott in the summer of 1972


Editor: 1973-1978

David Frith used to buy The Cricketer as a boy in Sydney, and started writing for it when he moved to England from Australia in 1964.

His first pitch – the difference between Sydney first-grade cricket and club cricket in Surrey – was declined, but he had a letter published in 1966 concerning Victor Trumper's grave and things went from there.

Frith was asked to be editor by his ‘father substitute’ John Arlott in the summer of 1972.

Arlott was acting on behalf of Swanton. “I was just back from Sydney, still reeling after the death of my mother and facing frustration on the job front,” satys Frith, “and I thought John as joking.”

He passed the interview with Swanton. Rushed Cricketer editorial meetings with him were sometimes conducted in a taxi in transit to his London club over the next few years.

Frith’s aim was to reflect “informatively and attractively the month’s cricket, the game’s fascinating past, and sometimes something surprising.”


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