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Player Coach, UK. Closing 18/4/21

Rising Reporters, UK. Closing 7/4/21

Venue Co Host, UK. Closing 5/4/21

Players - The Serbian National team are actively recruiting players to play in the T20 World Cup qualifiers in Belgium, July '21. Closing TBC. For more details APPLY NOW

Player / Coach, UK. Closing 31/3/21

Head of Women's Cricket, UK. Closing 26/3/21

Sales Consultant, Aus. Closing TBC

Colts Cricket Coach, UK. Closing 19/3/21

Developer, Aus. Closing 16/3/21

Development Officer, UK. Closing 14/3/21

Player / Coach, UK. Closing 13/3/21

Content Creators, UK. Closing 12/3/21

Women's Head Coach, NZ. Closing 12/3/21

Batting Coach, NZ. Closing 12/3/21

Fast Bowling Coach, NZ. Closing 12/3/21

Spin Bowling Coach, NZ. Closing 12/3/21

Community Activators, UK. Closing 11/3/21

Cricket Manager, Aus. Closing 10/3/21

Anti Corruption Manager, Afg. Closing 10/3/21

Senior Player Coach, UK. Closing TBC

Cricket Coach, UK. Closing TBC

Specialist Cricket Coach, UK. Closing TBC

Team Operations Manager, UK. Closing TBC

 Cricket Coach, UK. Closing 8/3/21

Assistant Secretary, UK. Closing 5/3/21

Match Referee, UK. Closing 5/3/21

CEO, UK. Closing 4/3/21

Independent Non Executive Director, Ire. Closing 3/3/21

Head of Selection Dept, Afg. Closing 3/3/21

England Cricket Kit Executive, UK. Closing 3/3/21

Assistant Manager - Admin, UAE. Closing 3/3/21

Memberships and Marketing Executive, Aus. Closing 3/3/21

Digital Media Assistant, UK. Closing 3/3/21

Junior Head Coaches, UK. Closing TBC

Cricket Coach, UK. Closing TBC

Women's World Cup, Sports Presentation Manager, NZ. Closing TBC

Women's World Cup, Tournament Services Coordinator, NZ. Closing TBC

Event Day Hospitality Attendants, Aus. Closing TBC

Video and Content Executive, 2/3/21

Video and Production Manager, 2/3/21

Commercial Marketing Executive, UK. Closing 1/3/21

Cricket Manager, Aus. Closing 1/3/21

People Consultant, UK. Closing TBC

Sports Coaches, Aus. Closing TBC

Storesperson, Aus. Closing TBC

Finance Assistant, NZ. Closing 28/2/21

Player Coach, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Head of Finance and Administration, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Development Officers x 3, UK. 28/2/21

Development Coordinator, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Venue Maintenance Assistant, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Operations Coordinator, UK. Closing, 28/2/21

Tournament Manager, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Regulation Executive, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Live Stream Producer, UK. Closing 28/2/21

Head Coach and Pathway Manager, Ire. 27/2/21

Cricket Operations Manager, Ire. 27/2/21

Trustee, UK. Closing 26/2/21

Head of Cricket, UK. Closing 26/2/21

Independent Non Executive Directors, SA. Closing 26/2/21

WHS Manager, Aus. Closing 25/2/21

Membership Administrator, Aus. Closing 25/2/21

Design and Animation Producer, UK. Closing 25/2/21

City Programme Executive, UK. Closing 24/2/21

City Programme Executive, UK. Closing 24/2/21

Ticketing Manager, Aus. Closing 24/2/21

Advanced Support; Coach Development, UK. Closing 23/2/21

Performance Operations Executive, Ire. Closing 22/2/21

Senior Account Manager, Aus. Closing 22/2/21

Deputy Groundsperson, UK. Closing 22/2/21

Cricket Manager, UK. Closing 21/2/21

County Age Group Managers, UK. Closing TBC

Cricket Coaches, UK. Closing TBC

Medical Services Lead, UK. Closing 19/2/21

Customer Support Advisor, UK. Closing 19/2/21

Strength and Conditioning Coach, UK. Closing 19/2/21

Senior Operations Manager, UK. Closing 19/2/21

Cricket Development Officer, UK. Closing 19/2/21

Customer Support Advisor, UK. Closing 19/2/21

Apprentice, Sports Turf Operative, UK. Closed

Function and Sales Executive, Aus. Closed

Director of Cricket, NZ. Closed

Commercial Partnerships Manager, Aus. Closed

Ground Staff, UK. Closed

Development Officer, UK. Closing 15/2/21

Cricket Greenkeeper, Aus. Closed

Head of Pathways, Sing. Closed

Performance Psychologist, Aus. Closed

Digital Lead, UK. Closed

Finance Assistant, UK. Closed

Community Cricket Officer, Aus. Closed

Administrator, UK. Closed

People, Team and Payroll Assistant, UK. Closed

Community Coach, UK. Closed

Independent Directors, SA. Closed 

Groundsperson, UK. Closed

Marketing, Membership and Ticketing Executive, UK. Closed

Project Accountant, UK. Closed

Customer Operations Executive, UK. Closed

Senior Manager, Diverse Communities, UK. Closed

Hospitality and Events Sales Manager, UK. Closed

Admin Officer, UK. Closed

Non Executive Director, UK. Closed

Director of Cricket, UK. Closed

IT Operations Analyst, UK. Closed

Directorships, UK. Closed

Womens and Girls Development Manager, UK. Closed

Cricket and PE Teacher, UAE. Closed

Video Operations Manager, Interact Sport, UK. Closed

Cricket Manager, Aus. Closed

Groundsperson, UK. Closed

Head Coach, Den. Closed

Senior Head Coach, UK. Closed

Venue Presentation Coordinator, Aus. Closed

CEO, Aus. Closed

Curator, Aus. Closed

High Performance Director, Indo. Closed

Assistant Manager, Digital Partnerships, UAE. Closed

Product and Growth Manager, Aus. Closed

Cricket Participation Officer, UK. Closed

Youth Head Coach, Ire. Closed

Casual Community Cricket Coordinator, Aus. Closed

Director of Cricket, NZ. Closed

Fitness Instructor, Aus. Closed

Female Programme Deliverer, NZ. Closed

Participation Programmes Coordinator, Ire. Closed

CEO, Van. Closed

Non Executive Director, UK. Closed

Womens Cricket Director, Afg. Closed

Groundsperson, UK. Closed

Club Officer, Aus. Closed

Sustainability Officer, UK. Closed

Non Executive Directors, UK. Closed

Indoor Cricket Coach, Aus. Closed

Cricket Development Officer, UK. Closed

Service Delivery Analyst, Aus. Closed

Assistant IT Operations Engineer, UK. Closed

Cricket Professional, UK. Closed

Safety Operations and Emergency ManagerClosed

Cricket Pitch Maintenance, Aus. Closed 

Disability Development Officer, UK. Closed

Cafe Supervisor, Aus. Closed

Assistant S & C Coach, UK. Closed 

Graphic and Motion Designer, UK. Closed

National Head Coach, Cay. Closed

Cricket Development Officer, Cay. Closed

Youth Coach, Cay. Closed

Digital Sales Retail Exec, UK. Closed

Development Officer, UK. Closed

Independent Director, SA. Closed

Junior Community Officer / Business Internship, UK. Closed

Personal Development Manager, NZ. Closed

Receptionist, Aus. Closed

System Administrator, Aus. Closed

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Manager, UK. Closed

Community Cricket Coach, UK. Closed

Media Officer, Afg. Closed

Junior Cricket Assistant, Aus. Closed

Development Officer - Womens and Girls, Somerset CB, UK. Closed.  an exciting new role created to increase female participation in cricket in Somerset. 23-26k PA + expenses, laptop, phone allowance and pension. 

Assistant Director of Cricket, UK. Closed

Strength and Conditioning Coach, UK. Closed

Women’s Operations ExecutiveUK. Closed

Development Officers - Clubs and Leagues, Somerset CB, UK. Closed  sustain and develop a thriving network of club’s. £23-26k PA, + expenses, laptop, phone allowance, and pension. Flexible working hours and arrangements considered.

Cricket Coach, UK. Closed

Coaching Opportunities, Aus. Closed

Accounts Officer, Aus. Closed

Elite Batting Coach, UK. Closed

Elite Pace Bowling Coach, UK. Closed

Elite Spin Bowling Coach, UK. Closed

Cricket Participation Officer, UK. Closed

Coach and Match Day Coordinator, UK. Closed

Personal Development Manager, NZ. Closed

Assistant Coach, Bowling Lead, UK. Closed

Network Partner, UK. Closed

Senior Manager, Clubs and Leagues, UK. Closed

Senior Manager, National Programmes, UK. Closed

Junior Media Officer, UK. Closed

Head Groundsperson, U.K. Closed

Community Cricket Coach, Somerset CB, UK. Closed  Inspire and motivate more young people to play cricket. £18-19.5k PA + expenses, laptop, phone allowance and pension. ECB Level 2 + coach, 30 month contract with a view to extension. 

Personal Development Manager, UK. Closed

Women’s and Girls Development Officer, UK. Closed

Cricket Coach, UK. Closed

Product Manager, Participant Experiences, Aus. Closed

Cricket Operations Manager, Cricket Ireland. ClosedLocated at CI Head Office, Dublin, the successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the day to day management and operations for domestic, first class and international cricket. 

Coach Development Manager, Cricket Ireland. ClosedLocated at CI Head Office, Dublin, the successful candidate will be responsible for setting and delivering a strategy to ensure a sufficient number of coaches are being developed nationally. 

Facilities Manager, Aus. Closed

Greenkeeper, Aus. Closed

Womens and Girls Development Officer, UK. Closed

Player Development Manager, Aus. Closed

Head of Commercial, Aus. Closed

Integrity Officer, Pak. Closed

Anti Corruption Manager, Pak. Closed

Ticketing Manager, UK. Closed

Safety Operations and Emergency Manager, Aus. Closed

Casual Community Cricket Coordinators, Aus. Closed

Cricket Greenkeeper, Aus. Closed

Payroll Manager, UK. Closed

Womens Physio, UK. Closed

Data Analyst, Aus. Closed

Video Analyst, Afg. Closed

Venue Presentation Officer, Aus. Closed

Commercial Partnerships Executive, UK. Closed

Customer Service Specialist, Aus. Closed

Womens Cricket Coach, UK. Closed

Senior Assistant Coach, Aus. Closed

Senior Groundsperson, Arundel Castle CC, U.K. Closed£27-30K pa. Company pension. 33 days holiday. Level 3 in sport turf management. 5 years + experience as a Head Groundsman in cricket. APPLY NOW

Compliance and Investigations Officers, Aus. Closed

League Secretary, UK. Closed

Network Engineer, Aus. Closed

Physiotherapist, UK. Closed

Board Secretary, UK. Closed

Cricket Systems Operator, UK. Closed

Cricket Participation Officer, UK. Closed

S and C Coach, NZ. Closed

Cricket Administrator, Aus. Closed

Head Groundsperson, UK. Closed

Club Professional, UK. Closed

Senior Financial Accountant, Aus. Closed

Head of Cricket, UK. Closed

Operations Executive, UK. Closed

Participation Officer, Aus. Closed

Female Cricket Coach, UK. Closed

Business Development Manager, NZ. Closed

Cricket Coach, UK. Closed

Cricket Systems Operator, UK. Closed

Cricket Development Manager, Afg. Closed

Head Coach, UK. Closed

Head of Marketing and Comms, UK. Closed

National Assistant Coach / Bowling Lead, U.K. Closed

National Head Coach, UK. Closed

Women’s Head Coach / Assistant Coach, UK. Closed

Bowling Coach, UK. Closing Closed

Talent Pathway Coach, UK. Closed

Executive Chef, Aus. Closed

Office Manager, Aus. Closed

Membership Manager, Aus. Closed

Digital Content Specialist, Aus. Closed

Video Producer, Aus. Closed

CEO, Australia. Closed

Director of Cricket, UK. Closed

Female Cricket Coaches, Aus. Closed

Finance Assistant, UK. Closed

Cricket Development Officer, UK. Closed

Stadium Operations Officer, Aus. Closed

Senior GM, Infrastructure and Projects, Pak. Closed

Programme Manager, NZ. Closed

Community Cricket Coordinator, Aus. Closed

Brand and Comms Manager, Aus. Closed

Director of Coaching, Ire. Closed

Head of Events and Logistics, NZ. Closed

Digital Adoption Specialist, Aus. Closed

Cricket Wicket Curator, Aus. Closed

Videographer, Aus. Closed

Cricket Wicket Curator, Aus. Closed

Cricket Coach and Development Manager, NZ. Closed

Business Administration Traineeship, Aus. Closed

National Selectors, Ind. Closed

Head of Food and Beverage, Aus. Closed

Security Coordinator, Aus. Closed

Groundsperson, NZ. Closed

Corporate Partnerships Manager, Aus. Closed

Women's National Head Coach, NTH. Closed

Senior Manager; Brand, Pak. Closed

Manager, Partnerships and Sales, Pak. Closed

Cricket Manager, Aus. Closed

Cricket Participation Administrator, UK. Closed

HR Director, Pak. Closed

Team Wear Production Coordinator, Aus. Closed

Head Coach, UK. Closed

Cricket Participation Manager, UK. Closed

Service Delivery Analyst, Aus. Closed

Team Operations Executive, UK. Closed

Hospitality Coordinator, Aus. Closed

Groundsperson, UK. Closed

Admin and Governance Manager, UK. Closed

University Head Coach, UK. Closed

Young Officer, UK. Closed

Strength and Conditioning Coach, UK. Closed

Physiotherapist, UK. Closed

U19 Head Coach, NZ. Closed

Inclusion & Diversity Manager, UK. Closed

Marketing Intern, NZ. Closed

Player Development Manager - Male Programme, Aus. Closed

Casual Cricket Coaches, Aus. Closed

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