BIG CRICKET SURVEY 2019: Giving our readers and county fans their voice

The Cricketer canvassed opinion for a second year, with a 25 per cent rise in the number of responses to our call to action. Questions were asked on a wide variety of subjects and the results shared with the ECB...


It’s back.

The results of The Cricketer’s Big Cricket Survey are in, with more than 2,000 fans voicing their opinions about the state of the game.

We gave the cricket-watching public a chance to voice their thoughts about the way in which the sport is run in England and Wales.

Questions were asked about ticket pricing, media consumption, favourite formats, value for money and much, much more.

A total of 2,382 entries were made - up almost 500 compared to 2018 - with contributions coming from fans of all 18 counties, as well as those who much prefer the international game.

Under 18 2.18%
18-25 6.51%
25-39 20.40%
40-54 27.75%
55-65 23.72%
65+ 19.44%
Male 93.79%
Female 5.75%
Undisclosed 0.42%
Unspecified 0.04%
Student 5.79%
Full-time employment 50.21%
Self-employed 9.07%
Retired 27.62%
Part-time employment 5.79%
Unemployed 1.51%
UK-based 94.79%
Non-UK 5.21%
County member 38.95%
Non-county member 61.05%


Our questions were run past a professional pollster prior to publication, and the overall results have been shared with the ECB, both for comment and, should they wish, as a point of reference going forward.

Our request for an interview with a senior figure at the governing body to discuss all elements of the survey was declined, with an ECB spokesperson saying: “It is the ECB’s priority to protect and nurture cricket at all levels and the new five-year strategy has a wide-range of initiatives to grow the game in close consult with the counties. 

“The Hundred is one of those strategies with a financially positive business model that helped to swell the value of the new broadcast deal with Sky and the BBC which will be invested into the whole game for the benefit of the game.

“The tournament will bring cricket back onto free-to-air television and entertain fans new and old with the world’s best men’s and women’s players.”

What follows this week is an illustration of the data; an analysis of what the existing cricket fan thinks of the state of the sport in England and Wales, presented without prejudice.

The equivalent audience data for last year's Big Cricket Survey can be found by clicking here


31% of 25-39-year-olds don't go to any county cricket

84% oppose The Hundred

Surrey fans happiest with way county is run

Nearly half do not go to international cricket

62% say ECB does not do a good job running the game

Cost of TV subscriptions is too high, say two-thirds of fans




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