The Cricketer digital access and subscriptions FAQs

Find answers to your questions about The Cricketer's digital platforms, subscription options, paywalls, The Cricketer App and much more


Are there any free articles per week?

The Cricketer’s basic digital news service will remain in front of our paywalls. 

For exclusive breaking news, insight, interviews, analysis, long reads and the rest of our in-depth coverage of English cricket, you will need to become a member to access the content on browsers.

What articles go behind the paywall?

The majority of our exclusive breaking news, insight, interviews, analysis, columns long reads and the rest of our in-depth coverage of English cricket will be behind our paywalls, though we will from time make certain content available for free.

Why are you going behind a paywall?

Digital journalism costs money to produce, and over the course of the past three years The Cricketer has invested significantly in both personnel and infrastructure with a view to creating the best top-to-bottom coverage of the English game around. 

As audiences continue to evolve, we as a business also have to adapt. 

For more than 100 years we have produced the world’s No.1 cricket magazine, to which readers all over the world have subscribed.

Our digital content model offers the same high-quality journalism, reliable information and entertaining writing and simply places it on a different platform.

What will I be able to view for free?

Our basic news service remains in front of the paywall, while some premium articles will be made available for free from time to time. This will be down to editorial discretion.

What subscription plans are available?

Unlimited access to The Cricketer's online content is priced at £3.99 per month.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are operated on a monthly basis unless cancelled. The Cricketer do not offer full or partial refunds of cancelled subscriptions. 

Do I get access to the magazine when I subscribe?

No. Magazine subscriptions cost £52.49 for 12 issues and can be purchased by visiting

Our print and digital content require separate subscriptions. 

Which writers will be going behind the paywall?

The paywall is not being applied on a writer-by-writer basis.

Will your county coverage be free?

We will continue to provide a free county news service, where you can find out about new signings and contract news, and read match reports from the ECB Reporters Network wire during the season.

Our deeper coverage - analysis, insight, interviews, columns, deep-dive features and news exclusives - will fall behind the paywall. 

What does the app do?

The App provides a regularly updated news feed from across English cricket, as well as a live scores centre, and fixtures and results listings.

It also offers access to all our analysis, features, interviews, columns and exclusive news.

Can I follow live scores on the app?

Yes, there is a live scores section on the app which provides in-play scorecards from major competitions, both domestically and around the world. 

There is also a results and fixtures service.

All of this can be accessed on the App.

I don’t own a smartphone – how do I access this content?

All our digital content is available via desktop browsers. 

Do you offer group discounts?


If I have technical problems, who do I contact?

For any issues relating to The Cricketer App or access to, email

I’ve forgotten my password – what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password to your account with The Cricketer, please email 

I’ve run through the questions above and still require more information?

Please email 


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