UNDER-19 CRICKET WORLD CUP FIXTURES 2020: Full ICC U19 World Cup schedule

Find out when your country is in action in the 2020 U19 World Cup, which kicks off in South Africa on January 17


ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2020 squads: Click here

All games 10am local time (GMT+2)

Group A: India, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka
Group B: Australia, England, Nigeria, West Indies
Group C: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Scotland, Zimbabwe
Group D: Afghanistan, Canada, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Friday, January 17: South Africa v Afghanistan (De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley)

Saturday, January 18: Australia v West Indies (De Beers Diamond Oval)

Saturday, January 18: Bangladesh v Zimbabwe (JB Marks Oval, Potchefstroom)

Saturday, January 18: New Zealand v Japan (Absa Puk Oval, Potchefstroom)

Saturday, January 18: United Arab Emirates v Canada (Mangaung Oval, Bloemfontein)

Sunday, January 19: India v Sri Lanka (Mangaung Oval)

Sunday, January 19: Pakistan v Scotland (Absa Puk Oval)

Monday, January 20: Australia v Nigeria (Country Club B Field, Kimberley)

Monday, January 20: England v West Indies (De Beers Diamond Oval)

Tuesday, January 21: Bangladesh v Scotland (Witrand Oval, Potchefstroom)

Tuesday, January 21: India v Japan (Mangaung Oval)

Wednesday, January 22: Afghanistan v United Arab Emirates (Absa Puk Oval)

Wednesday, January 22: New Zealand v Sri Lanka (Mangaung Oval)

Wednesday, January 22: Pakistan v Zimbabwe (Witrand Oval)

Wednesday, January 22: South Africa v Canada (JB Marks Oval)

Thursday, January 23: Australia v England (De Beers Diamond Oval)

Thursday, January 23: West Indies v Nigeria (Country Club B Field)

Friday, January 24: Afghanistan v Canada (Ibbies Oval, Potchefstroom)

Friday, January 24: India v New Zealand (Mangaung Oval)

Friday, January 24: Pakistan v Bangladesh (JB Marks Oval)

Saturday, January 25: England v Nigeria (De Beers Diamond Oval)

Saturday, January 25: South Africa v United Arab Emirates (Mangaung Oval)

Saturday, January 25: Sri Lanka v Japan (Absa Puk Oval)

Saturday, January 25: Zimbabwe v Scotland (Witrand Oval)


Monday, January 27: Quarter-Final 1 – Sri Lanka v Nigeria (Ibbies Oval)

Monday, January 27: Quarter-Final 2 – England v Japan (Witrand Oval)

Tuesday, January 28: Quarter-Final 3 – Zimbabwe v Canada (Ibbies Oval)

Tuesday, January 28: Quarter-Final 4 – United Arab Emirates v Scotland (Witrand Oval)

Thursday, January 30: Semi-Final 1 – Sri Lanka v Scotland (Absa Puk Oval)

Thursday, January 30: Playoff Semi-Final 1 – Nigeria v United Arab Emirates (Witrand Oval)

Thursday, January 30: Playoff Semi-Final 2 – Japan v Canada (Ibbies Oval)

Friday, January 31: Semi-Final 2 – England v Zimbabwe (De Beers Diamond Oval)

Super League

Tuesday, January 28: Quarter-Final 1 – India v Australia (JB Marks Oval)

Wednesday, January 29: Quarter-Final 2 – West Indies v New Zealand (Willowmoore Park, Benoni)

Thursday, January 30: Quarter-Final 3 – Bangladesh v South Africa (JB Marks Oval)

Friday, January 31: Quarter-Final 4 – Afghanistan v Pakistan (Willowmoore Park)

Saturday, February 1: Playoff Semi-Final 1 (JB Marks Oval)

Sunday, February 2: Playoff Semi-Final 2 – Australia v TBC (Absa Puk Oval)

Tuesday, February 4: Semi-Final 1 – India v TBC (JB Marks Oval)

Thursday, February 6: Semi-Final 2 (JB Marks Oval)

Placement Matches

Saturday, February 1: 15th Place Playoff (Ibbies Oval)

Saturday, February 1: 13th Place Playoff (Witrand Oval)

Sunday, February 2: 11th Place Playoff (De Beers Diamond Oval)

Monday, February 3: Plate Final (Willowmoore Park)

Wednesday, February 5: 7th Place Playoff (Willowmoore Park)

Friday, February 7: 5th Place Playoff (Willowmoore Park)

Saturday, February 8: 3rd Place Playoff (Willowmoore Park)

Sunday, February 9: Final (JB Marks Oval)




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