T20 BLAST 2020 FIXTURES: Full schedule and dates

Find out when your team is in action during the 2020 T20 Blast season...


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All matches at regular county grounds unless stated


Thursday, May 28: Surrey v Middlesex, Sussex v Kent

Friday, May 29: Hampshire v Sussex, Kent v Surrey, Essex v Glamorgan, Somerset v Gloucestershire

Sunday, May 31: Kent v Hampshire, Middlesex v Gloucestershire, Glamorgan v Surrey, Essex v Somerset

Wednesday, June 3: Sussex v Somerset, Gloucestershire v Glamorgan

Thursday, June 4: Middlesex v Hampshire

Friday, June 5: Essex v Kent, Sussex v Glamorgan, Somerset v Surrey

Saturday, June 6: Kent v Gloucestershire

Sunday, June 7: Hampshire v Gloucestershire, Middlesex v Glamorgan (Richmond), Somerset v Essex

Wednesday, June 10: Hampshire v Essex, Glamorgan v Kent

Thursday, June 11: Middlesex v Sussex

Friday, June 12: Surrey v Hampshire, Glamorgan v Somerset, Sussex v Hampshire, Gloucestershire v Middlesex

Thursday, June 18: Hampshire v Somerset, Middlesex v Kent, Sussex v Surrey

Friday, June 19: Kent v Sussex, Surrey v Somerset, Glamorgan v Gloucestershire, Essex v Middlesex

Saturday, June 20: Gloucestershire v Hampshire

Sunday, June 21: Hampshire v Glamorgan, Kent v Essex, Somerset v Middlesex

Tuesday, June 23: Somerset v Hampshire

Wednesday, June 24: Essex v Sussex

Thursday, June 25: Surrey v Glamorgan, Sussex v Gloucestershire

Friday, June 26: Hampshire v Surrey, Essex v Gloucestershire, Somerset v Kent

Thursday, July 2: Middlesex v Surrey

Friday, July 3: Kent v Somerset, Surrey v Hampshire, Glamorgan v Essex, Gloucestershire v Sussex

Thursday, July 9: Gloucestershire v Kent (Cheltenham), Surrey v Sussex, Middlesex v Essex (Merchant Taylors)

Friday, July 10: Hampshire v Middlesex, Surrey v Kent, Sussex v Essex, Somerset v Glamorgan

Sunday, July 12: Kent v Middlesex, Glamorgan v Sussex, Gloucestershire v Somerset, Essex v Hampshire


Friday, May 29: Yorkshire v Durham, Lancashire v Northamptonshire (Liverpool), Derbyshire v Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire v Birmingham Bears

Saturday, May 30: Leicestershire v Northamptonshire

Sunday, May 31: Birmingham Bears v Durham, Derbyshire v Lancashire, Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire

Tuesday, June 2: Worcestershire v Northamptonshire

Wednesday, June 3: Birmingham Bears v Yorkshire, Durham v Leicestershire

Thursday, June 4: Yorkshire v Lancashire, Nottinghamshire v Worcestershire

Friday, June 5: Birmingham Bears v Lancashire, Northamptonshire v Durham, Leicestershire v Worcestershire, Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire

Sunday, June 7: Worcestershire v Yorkshire, Lancashire v Durham, Northamptonshire v Derbyshire, Leicestershire v Birmingham Bears

Wednesday, June 10: Yorkshire v Derbyshire, Lancashire v Leicestershire, Durham v Nottinghamshire

Thursday, June 11: Northamptonshire v Worcestershire

Friday, June 12: Worcestershire v Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire v Northamptonshire, Lancashire v Derbyshire, Durham v Birmingham Bears

Saturday, June 13: Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire

Friday, June 19: Worcestershire v Birmingham Bears, Durham v Yorkshire, Leicestershire v Nottinghamshire

Saturday, June 20: Derbyshire v Yorkshire (Chesterfield)

Sunday, June 21: Worcestershire v Leicestershire, Lancashire v Nottinghamshire, Durham v Derbyshire

Tuesday, June 23: Birmingham Bears v Northamptonshire

Wednesday, June 24: Northamptonshire v Lancashire, Nottinghamshire v Durham

Thursday, June 25: Leicestershire v Yorkshire, Derbyshire v Worcestershire

Friday, June 26: Birmingham Bears v Derbyshire, Yorkshire v Worcestershire, Durham v Lancashire, Northamptonshire v Nottinghamshire

Thursday, July 2: Yorkshire v Birmingham Bears, Lancashire v Worcestershire

Friday, July 3: Worcestershire v Durham, Northamptonshire v Leicestershire, Derbyshire v Birmingham Bears, Nottinghamshire v Lancashire

Thursday, July 9: Northamptonshire v Birmingham Bears

Friday, July 10: Birmingham Bears v Worcestershire, Lancashire v Yorkshire, Leicestershire v Durham, Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire

Saturday, July 11: Derbyshire v Northamptonshire

Sunday, July 12: Worcestershire v Lancashire, Birmingham Bears v Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire v Leicestershire, Durham v Northamptonshire


Tuesday, August 18: Quarter-Final 1

Wednesday, August 19: Quarter-Final 2

Thursday, August 20: Quarter-Final 3

Friday, August 21: Quarter-Final 4

Saturday, September 5: Finals Day (Edgbaston)




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