Bat Review: Gunn & Moore Aion DXM 606 Cricket Bat 2024

'If you are a bit more of a beat ball cricketer - going out to whack it, the Gunn & Moore Aion is probably perfect for you'


RRP: £175, Edges: 37mm, Weight: 2lb 11oz

This was the cheapest bat in our selection and while Huw thinks “a lot of people would really enjoy” the Gunn & Moore Aion DXM 606, it didn’t impress our testers.

He liked the “metallic, slighty garish” stickers and described the middle as “perfectly decent”, but thought the blade itself was “bulky” – a common criticism of this bat. Though it only weighs 2lb 11oz, several of our testers found it “too heavy” and unbalanced. “It’s a bit outweighed on the toe compared to the middle,” one student said.


Alex Tudor tries out the Aion. [Paul Carroll]

The handle proved similarly unpopular, with Nick labelling it “weird” and one student deeming it “too fat”. Another student simply felt the bat was “strange” to hold “even when you’re wearing gloves”.

Alex Tudor also wasn’t a fan, disliking the performance of the bat away from the middle: “You have to hit it in the sweet spot, otherwise you get vibrations. Have to time it and use brute force.”

Tudor added however: "If you are a bit more of a beat ball cricketer - going out to whack it, this bat is probably perfect for you.”

Initial impression: 6

Build quality: 6.4

Pick-up/feel: 5.1

Performance: 6.9




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