ICC Under 19 World Cup umpire match apppointments

Find out who is in charge of each game during the tournament in South Africa


Umpires: Roland Black, Ahmad Shah Pakteen, Sam Nogajski, Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid, Ian Gould, Wayne Knights, Rashid Riaz Waqar, Anil Chaudhary, Patrick Bongani Jele, Iknow Chabi, Nigel Duguid, Ravindra Wimalasiri, Masudur Rahman Mukul, Asif Yaqoob, Leslie Reifer, Adrian Holdstock

Match referees: Graeme Labrooy, Shaid Wadvalla, Phil Whitticase

Friday, January 17: South Africa v Afghanistan

Umpires: Knights, Wimalasiri

Referee: Whitticase

TV umpire: Rashid Riaz

Fourth umpire: Waqar Ian Gould

Saturday, January 18: Bangladesh v Zimbabwe 

Referee: LaBrooy

Umpires: Black, Reifer

Fourth umpire: Chaudhary

Saturday, January 18: New Zealand v Japan

Umpires: Nogajski, Chabi

Fourth umpire: Duguid

Saturday, January 18: UAE v Canada

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Pakteen, Shahid

Fourth umpire: Holdstock

Saturday, January 18: Australia v West Indies

Referee: Whitticase

Umpires: Riaz, Yaqoob

TV umpire: Knights

Fourth umpire: Mukul

Sunday, January 19: Pakistan v Scotland

Referee: LaBrooy

Umpires: Jele, Chaudhary

Fourth umpire: Chabi

Sunday, January 19: India v Sri Lanka 

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Pakteen, Gould

TV umpire: Holdstock

Fourth umpire: Shahid

Monday, January 20: England v West Indies 

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Knights, Nogajski

TV umpire: Black 

Fourth umpire: Wimalasiri

Monday, January 20: Australia v Nigeria

Referee: Whitticase

Umpires: Mukul, Duguid

Fourth umpire: Yaqoob

Tuesday, January 21: Bangladesh v Scotland

Referee: LaBrooy

Umpires: Reifer, Chaudhary

Fourth umpire: Jele

Tuesday, January 21: India v Japan

Referee: Whitticase

Umpires: Holdstock, Pakteen

TV umpire: Chabi

Fourth umpire: Gould

Wednesday, January 22: South Africa v Canada 

Umpires: Waqar, Knights

Fourth umpire: Reifer

PUK Oval

Wednesday, January 22: Afghanistan v UAE

Umpires: Mukul, Nogajski

Fourth umpire: Jele

Witrand Oval

Wednesday, January 22: Pakistan v Zimbabwe

Referee: LaBrooy

Umpires: Wimalasiri, Duguid 

Fourth umpire: Chaudhary

Mangaung Oval

Wednesday, January 22: New Zealand v Sri Lanka 

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Shahid, Black

Fourth umpire: Pakteen

Thursday, January 23: Australia v England

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Yaqoob, Holdstock

TV umpire: Shahid

Fourth umpire: Black

Country Club

Thursday, January 23: West Indies v Nigeria

Referee: Whitticase

Umpires: Gould, Chabi

Fourth umpire: Pakteen

Friday, January 24: Pakistan v Bangladesh

Umpires: Jele, Wimalasiri

Fourth umpire: Nogajski

Friday, January 24: Afghanistan v Canada

Referee: LaBrooy

Umpires: Chaudhary, Waqar

Fourth umpire: Knights

Mangaung Oval

Friday, January 24: India v New Zealand

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Mukul, Reifer

TV umpire: Duguid

Fourth umpire: Yaqoob

Saturday, January 25: Sri Lanka v Japan

Umpires: Shahid, Jele

Fourth umpire: Waqar

Saturday, January 25: Zimbabwe v Scotland

Referee: LaBrooy

Umpires: Black, Gould

Fourth umpire: Nogajski

Saturday, January 25: South v Africa UAE

Referee: Whitticase

Umpires: Yaqoob, Duguid

TV umpire: Reifer

Fourth umpire: Mukul

Saturday, January 25: England v Nigeria

Referee: Wadvalla

Umpires: Holdstock, Chabi 

Fourth umpire: Pakteen





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