The unexpected impact of breaking a finger

It may seem obvious but many clubs don't prepare for the unexpected. Fortunately, ExtraCover Insurance are here to help


There is no doubting that cricket is a dangerous game. All sports come with a certain level of danger but what sets cricket apart is the unpredictability. With a hard ball flying to all corners, there is a risk posed to not only players, but also to spectators as well as members of the public.

Having the right personal accident cover at your club is crucial and Mark Dearden, sports development manager for the ExtraCover Insurance scheme explains why.

"Personal accident cover is an insurance aspect that has been neglected by clubs for many years now." Dearden explained.

"To the extent that there are still many clubs who buy temporary total disablement cover that only pays out £10 a week. This is meant to replace wages should somebody not be able to work but £10 is just no good in this day and age.

"ExtraCover have two elements to their personal accident policy. Firstly, there is the death and capital benefits which is the big pay-out should somebody suffer a life-changing injury, and then we have our temporary total disablement cover which is a weekly benefit that can cover an individual for up to two years."

For only £250 a year, clubs can take out the gold policy and feel safe in the knowledge that should a member injure themselves in such a way that results in the loss of earnings, they won't be hit financially.

Club members can benefit from £250 a week and there is no limit to the amount of recipients.

To put the level of investment required into context, if a club had two sides, each player could pay £1 a game over the course of a 12 match season to cover the cost of the gold policy.


Spectators and houses can be at just as much risk as those on the field

It may seem obvious but many clubs don't prepare for the unexpected. Fortunately, ExtraCover do have lots of clubs on the scheme who do take their insurance seriously.

"We have a claim which is still ongoing where a batsman collided with his partner. Both were watching the ball and they ran into each other. The other batsman stumbled and went headfirst into the claimant's shoulder, tearing his rotator cuff muscle.

"This happened in June and he is still receiving treatment. However, the club were covered by ExtraCover's gold personal accident policy and the player is currently benefitting from £250 a week while he is unable to work. He can't drive either which makes the benefit even more important."

The player here suffered a serious injury that had a significant effect on his livelihood, yet the incident was totally accidental with no malicious intent. Sometimes even the seemingly smaller injuries can have a detrimental impact.

"With our recent hot summers the ground has been especially hard, and because of this we have seen several broken fingers as a result of fielding.

"Depending on your occupation a broken finger could result in time off work. We have had carpet layers, carpenters and joiners who were unable to work and benefitted from temporary total disablement cover."

Of course, ExtraCover are dedicated to ensuring all clubs are adequately covered but a lot of clubs say that their members are covered at their place of work.

"That might be the case but statutory sick pay is only £94.25 a week, far below the £250 our insurer pays out. Additionally, those who are self-employed won't receive this at all.

"Personal accident insurance is a very important aspect of our cover and we are right to highlight it and raise awareness amongst clubs. This is easily affordable but clubs do also have a duty to protect their members."

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