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England coach will see through his current contract before standing aside

England coach Trevor Bayliss has announced his intention to stand down following the next Ashes series.

Bayliss's contract is due to expire in September 2019 and when it does the Australian will stand aside after what will have been four years at the helm.

The 55-year-old revealed the news following England's 4-0 defeat by Australia.

"I told [director of England cricket] Andrew Strauss 12 months ago that I'm contracted to September 2019, and that would see me out," Bayliss said.

"I’ve never been anywhere more than four or five years, whether you're going well or not. I've always felt that it’s time for a change around about that four-year mark.

Trevor Bayliss and England captain Joe Root

"A new voice, a different approach, reinvigorates things."

Bayliss is committed to England's long-term project despite knowing he will walk away in just 21 months, as the national side rebuild for the next trip Down Under in 2021-22.

"I’ve got no problem working towards a long-term goal even if I’m not going to be there," he said.

"Joe Root as captain will still be there, and there’s a base of six or seven players that will still be young enough and good enough to be in the team."

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