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Jonathan Agnew revealed what had happened on social media

My dear old thing, what an ordeal.

Test Match Special commentator Jonathan Agnew had a day to forget in Adelaide on Wednesday.

The veteran broadcaster spent the afternoon watching England slump to another Ashes defeat and before the evening was up he had been slapped with a ticket by police... for crossing "a deserted street".

Agnew told his Twitter following about his experiences, and had a pop at local law enforcement at the same time.

He wrote: "Booked for walking across a deserted street at 0045. Adelaide! I used to love you! How sad.

"I really suggest the Adelaide Police investigate who is on duty outside the railway station/south terrace and have a word. Dreadful attitude."

Jonathan Agnew interviewing Joe Root

According to the South Australia Legal Services Commission, there is no specific offence of jaywalking in the state.

However, pedestrians can be pulled up for any one of five offences, including "walking without reasonable regard for road users", "crossing a road diagonally" and crossing "within 20 metres of a tram stop" or "within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing". 

In a series of messages to the Adelaide force's account, Agnew said that there were no cars within 100 of metres when he was hauled up for his 'crime'. 

"There were four officers. Rude and offensive," he wrote. "Completely altered my view of your lovely city".

Still, if like the England team he'd stuck to a midnight curfew...

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