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"England have got to bat like they’ve not batted before"

Australia’s tail has greater potential to pile on the runs than England's says Michael Vaughan, so how do the two compare?

Speaking on the Tuffers and Vaughan podcast, the former England captain said: “England’s bowling attack will need runs on the board to deliver pressure. The batsmen had a poor collapse at the Adelaide Oval the other day against some tomnoddies - it’s going to get harder for them in terms of what they are going to face.

“If the batsmen deliver, the bowling attack will be fine, as it was in 2010/11. They got 550 then went ‘right we’re going to dangle the carrot outside off stump’, didn’t over attack, and it created pressure. Without those runs on the board it would have been a different story.

"Can that [England's] top seven get a huge amount of runs? Mitchell Starc blows away every tail so 97 per cent of the runs have to be delivered by the top seven or eight.

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"In terms of Australia, the top seven look similar. Two quality players in Warner and Smith and the rest are a little bit inexperienced.

"I look at Starc, Cummins, Hazlewood and Lyon. I think that last four will get runs and that might be the difference. That’s my concern. England could have a really good four hours with the bat, they could be 202 for two and then they lose a wicket, Starc gets into a spell and they could be 300 all out. If Australia are 200 for two, I think they’re getting a big, big score. I can’t see [for England] who’s going to blow the team away. England have got to bat like they’ve not batted before.” 


Mitchell Starc: 1,967 runs at 24.81, nine fifties

Pat Cummins: 110 runs at 18.33

Josh Hazlewood: 264 runs at 12.57

Nathan Lyon: 683 runs at 11.77


Chris Woakes: 675 runs at 32.14, three fifties

Craig Overton: N/A (First-class: 1,645 runs at 22.22)

Stuart Broad: 2,820 runs at 21.04, 11 fifties, one hundred

James Anderson: 1120 runs 10.18, one fifty

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