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Johnson warns Australia over complacency

Mitchell Johnson has warned Australia that England can still win the Ashes without Ben Stokes in their squad.

Johnson – who pulverised England’s batsman in 2013/14, taking 37 wickets at 13.97 in the 5-0 whitewash – says Australia must avoid complacency heading into the series.

"I don't think you can read too much into what people are commenting on 'no Stokes, no England'" said the former Test paceman.

As it stands, according to the ECB, Stokes will “not travel at this stage", though no final decision has been taken on his involvement in Australia.

"I think England can win without him. I think at a contest at that high level, anyone can win.




"If you're Australia, you don't want to be thinking they can't win because Stokes isn't there - that can bite you in the backside pretty quickly."

Pat Cummins - who has told England to expect a Johnson-style barrage - Mitchell Starc and David Warner have wasted no time in trying to start a war of words but Johnson says on recent form, neither side have much to shout about.

"I'm still confident that Australia can win the series, but the performances recently haven't been great from both sides”.