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Change the way you view the game with PitchVision

With the domestic club season coming to a close, many will be holding their AGM’s or season reviews before the deep, dark nights of winter set in. One thing sure to be discussed is “what more can we do next year?”. If you want something that is going to keep the scorers, coaches, players and fans happy, PitchVision will provide you with the perfect product.

The newly launched PV Match provides the club with an all-in-one system that covers digital scoring, video capture for both match play and coaching, as well as the ability to share highlights and coverage across social media.

PitchVision have been running a competition to be the first club in the country to have the PV Match System. The lucky winners were Bath CC and we spoke to the Director of Cricket Rob Maggs to get his thoughts on the system.


“I’m obviously really excited about it. I think, aside from the immediate benefits to both the coaching and the match days, it is really going to help keep people in the game.”

With the system offering the ability to live steam games Rob thinks it will help bring people into the club.

“We played in the in the county final and I have had countless people tell me they watched it online – so there is definitely an appetite, hopefully we can get people down the club for away games.

“I am currently trying to lobby for a second system for our second ground, as from my point of view the fact that they double up as a coaching tool – it is such good value. It will be interesting to see how the lads react seeing the difference between when they net and when they play in a match.

“I know our scorer who entered the competition for us, Polly Rhodes, is keen to use the system to its full extent. Not sure some of the lads will want to see their wagon wheels though!”

PVM orders are open online from October 1st and early adopters can receive the Introductory Offer of a 20% discount until November 30th. With the product being dispatched in December, it is a great time to get the order in, ready to give it a test drive in pre-season nets.

To get a feel for the system – that is officially endorsed by Cricket South Africa and will be used throughout the SA Nationals in December – we got the initial impressions from some prominent clubs from across the country.

Ealing Cricket Club  - Tom Moreton, Director of Cricket

"There are plenty of club cricketers with high aspirations. PV/Match is a great performance analysis tool for supporting those looking to develop their game. It's important that clubs buy into products like this to recognise and provide cutting edge technology for their players. Along with PitchVision's wider suite of products, they are showing a forward thinking approach to providing the very best in performance enhancing and social engagement technology that amateur sport has to offer."

Aston Rowant Cricket Club - Wesley Morrick, Director of Cricket

"Pitch vision is  a truly fantastic innovation in coaching and scoring. The ability to actively use pin point analysis and give accurate visual evidence whilst coaching players of all ages is immensely advantageous. The brilliant new PV scoring system is ripping a lot of stumps out in the scoring world I'm sure as it seems to be growing more and more popular amongst all our players and scorers, not to mention many cricket badgers about!"

West of Scotland Cricket Club

"WOSCC are looking forward to making PV Match an addition to the club in 2018. The social media sharing function will help us push live coverage out to our large following and around the world. We will use it to put WOSCC on the map. We know it will take our coaching program to a new level with match footage adding to training footage already captured by PV/ONE, all sitting in the Portal for player and coach review instantaneously."

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