One of Test Match Sofa's pair of button-pushing, audio-editing, producer monkeys, Luke is usually found in the green room, using the inevitable rain breaks to bury his nose in a book - often something with swords or dragons.

Luke grew up in a small village in the peak district, spending every day, rain or shine, playing any sport that’d get him out of the house, including an untrained slog on the school cricket field when the mood struck.

Since then he’s gained a BA in radio production from the University of Westminster, with a particular focus on the convergence of radio and online communication.

Alongside this he also studied journalism, both at Westminster and at Moscow State University in 2011. While at Westminster he stumbled in to a dimly lit studio in the dead of one winter’s night and met the Sofa crew, watching England resoundingly lose the Test Series against Pakistan in 2012.

This looks like a laugh, he thought, and the rest is history…

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