The fact that Bill’s finest sporting achievement is a man of the match performance as the C-team’s goalkeeper against a local secondary school might tell you a little about his background*.

In between not doing very much and doing even less as a child, he found it hard to find the time to get excited about whatever man was chasing or throwing or kicking whichever shaped ball was available at the time. Until one day.

After watching a couple of IPL games at a friend’s house and quite enjoying how laid back the whole thing seemed (oh, how little he knew!), he thought it might be good to take a bit more interest in the game of cricket. He didn’t bother.

A couple of years later though, some seemingly insane South Londoners approached him and his friends and offered to pay them real-life money to sit, drink beer, eat Marks & Spencer Yum Yums and maybe do some work in between.

All they had to do was pretend to enjoy watching cricket. “What a brilliant idea,” he thought, “I could probably do that.” And that was that.

*He did once bowl someone out underarm at a House cricket tournament but, for effect, we’re not counting it.

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