The porky Scouser's earliest cricket memory was of his father’s delight watching a black and white television as David Hughes smashed John Mortimore all around Old Trafford in the dark to win a famous Gillette Cup match.

A few years later, he was at Aigburth, Liverpool watching the likes of Big Clive, Barry Richards and Gordon Greenidge playing county cricket. Soon came visits to Old Trafford for Lanky matches and Tests, including the Saturday when Botham smeared Lillee and co for 118 in no time.

He essayed a few right-arm outswingers for Hightown and Putney, but only his catching was really up to much and that went with the 20/20 eyesight as age overtook him.

He watches as much cricket as he can at The Oval, Lord’s or on television and remains endlessly fascinated by the Greatest of Games.

He writes on cricket at 99.94 and he occasionally posts as Mouth of the Mersey at the Guardian. His favourite current player is VVS just ahead of Mahela, but he knows that SK Warne is the best player he has ever seen and probably will ever see.

You can find him on Twitter @garynaylor999 and in the theatre stalls at He is currently listening to offers.

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