Benedict has been an avid follower of cricket for as long as he can remember.

Inspired at first by his father's love of the game, or at least love of spending a day sitting in the sun with a few bottles of wine, the relationship blossomed as it became clear that the physical demands of cricket best suited Ben's natural athleticism.

After captaining the Alleyn's School 2nd XI for 3 years and finally leading them to a winning record he moved on to open for the Adhoc XI of Alleyn & Honor Oak Cricket Club. He still holds the record for slowest scoring with 4 from 41 deliveries against Dulwich in 2004.

In that vein Ben's cricketing hero is Mike Atherton and he too has been described as a F.E.C. When not playing cricket Ben enjoys providing a dissenting voice to the Stalinist claptrap spouted from the sofa and working at a US investment bank in Canary Wharf.

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