Firstly, that nickname. It’s an unfortunate and undeserved reference to the fact that he sounds a little bit like Peter Roebuck, who apparently enjoyed a robust physical relationship with some young South Africans.

For more information contact Jarrod. Spanky’s finest cricketing hour as a school boy was when he top scored for the under 12s against Christchurch School with a stylish 16.

After this promising start, though, he was denied further school cricket because his dad was in charge of the athletics club.

His passion for the game grew while he was at university in Edinburgh, and he became a devoted England follower during the dog days of the Alan Mullally era.

In his unfree time Spanky is a radio producer, mostly making documentaries for Radio 4 and he captains his own wandering side – Sergeant Crawford’s Howling Commandos. In the summer he’ll be leading them in mortal combat against both the Estonian and Finnish national sides.

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