Jarrod was born and bred in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne to a family of cricket fundamentalists.

Cricket was a huge part of his upbringing, he was inspired greatly by Chuck Fleetwood-Smith’s post test career, and his teachers suggested he leave high school. Over the years he worked for a cult, an airline and then became a filmmaker.

Bored with endless conversations about Cronenberg, Lynch and Mise-en-scène he started a blog about cricket. This blog was cricketwithballs.com and it became so big he realised he could actually get paid to write about cricket.

He made his way to England in 2008 to live the hedonistic life of a cricketer writer. He has seen cricket on three continents, backpacked his way around the World Cup in 2003, and once accidentally woke up Adam Gilchrist on a plane.

He resides in South London, owns no cats, has written two cricket books and during the 2009 cricket season he averaged 35 with his Hawk bat and 21 with the ball from 12 matches.

He will continue to write about cricket, but is also working on a screenplay called Godzilla Vs The Zombies.

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