Henna is one of the newest recruits to Test Match Sofa and helps tick plenty of boxes being female and having Pakistani heritage (although Henna, herself, was born in Hammersmith and actually spends a lot of her time trying to pretend she isn't posh).

Brought up in a cricket-mad household Henna is the perfect example of the success that can be had by planting someone in front of televised sport at a young age. She has to battle the usual stereotypes about women and cricket, but heaven help anyone who doesn't take her seriously.

As much as her beloved Pakistan team try to ruin her passion for the game nothing can shake her, although she isn't a signed-up member of the Shahid Afridi fan club (unless he's just smashed 100 off 40 balls).

In real life she pretends to work in 'new media' but that's just an excuse for her to constantly be in front of the computer following Pakistan's latest collapse.

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