Bismillah Hirakhmaan Niraaheem. Star of the forthcoming Salman Butt bio-pic, Aatif injects some youthful exhuberence into the Sofa.

Actor...Writer...Comedian...Lover...His love for cricket is only superceded by his love for sugary snacks and Bollywood actresses. Growing up in a dynasty of mediocre cricketers, he developed into a useful batsman of great promise.

However, his career careered off a cliff when he discovered other, more practical ways to philander. He now enjoys being a relatively big fish in the small pond that is the Berkshire Cricket League.

Being one of the last remaining defenders of Pakistani Cricket, he often finds himself on the losing end of arguments, especially when defending his great batting hero Imran Nazir.

Despite this, his affection for all things Pakistani never fades. When not on the sofa, he can be found pleasing audiences across the country with his Muslim-friendly stand-up comedy. Well...sometimes...

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